Virtual Interior Design Consultation

Virtual Interior Design Consultation

This 30 minute remote consultation with design principal Bridget Ray, is done via email only through our online design studio. It's a simple way to help you with a design dilemma you may be unsure how to proceed with or just to confirm you're on the right path. This is not for an overall design plan.

As professionals, our job is to always be honest with a client, and if that means we don't agree that a certain idea a client may have, we definitely will tell you so and why that may be. However, we will suggest a better option for your consideration. Our number one goal is to answer your questions, give the best advice possible, so that your project is a success.

Because this is a quick and easy type of consultation, we limit the number of specific questions to 4, and allow up to 5 photos for uploading. Depending on the best means of addressing your question, we may respond with sketches as well as written responses.

It's important to note, this type of consult is not for sourcing specific product selections on your behalf. However, if you want our advice on a few selections you have made, then we are happy to provide that information.

Also, be aware that we may use your questions and photos in possible forms of marketing such as blog content. As always, we keep client information private and never disclose any personal information.

How it works:

Once you purchase this package you will automatically have access to our online studio. There will be a welcome letter in the "Deliverables" tab where you will find instructions and next steps.

From there, you will be able to send us your questions (up to 4) as well as upload your photos (up to 5).

We will review your questions and photos, and address your needs within 3-4 business days.

All communication will be through our online design studio platform.