Two Hour Interior Design Consultation

$500.00 USD

Two Hour Consultation

This 2 hour meeting in your home or a local showroom is with design principal Bridget Ray. It is your choice how you prefer to use this time. We want to help you solve whatever design dilemma you face. Whether that is offering initial design advice, devising a plan of what the next best step should be for your project, or guidance in material selections, we are open to helping you however we can.

Before the consult

Once you purchase this package, you will be directed to our "Our Studio" where you will complete the online questionnaire.

Next, you will need to schedule online in "Our Studio" a convenient day and time for our meeting.

Create a list of any questions you would like to ask during your consultation with us.


We want to make the best use of our time during your 2 hour consult. This time is for you, and we aim to deliver valuable results and guidance for you to move forward with your project.

Expectations are important here, and the initial questionnaire is valuable in devising a solid plan on best how to use your time with us. So we ask that you thoroughly complete the questionnaire.

Please note, designing a whole home, or a whole room is unrealistic in 2 hours. If that is what you are needing, then hiring us for a full-service design project would be a better fit.

Consultations are scheduled and paid for in advance. The time is blocked off on our schedule to devote to you, so it's important to be punctual, as we cannot exceed time allotted for your consult.

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